Voyage of Learning Teachers' Aacademy: 2016 Recap + Photos

We didn’t just dig through soil, gaze at art or hike through the woods; what we accomplished was much more. With all the practical skills, team building and networking we accomplished, the teachers of the Voyager program are better equipped to help our students see the world around them. To instill a sense of wonder and natural inquiry. Hopefully, the younger generations will perpetuate the stewardship of their environment, and keep Forest Park around forever.
— Mark Sauer, high school English teacher at Alt Academy in the Mehlville School District

This summer, 23 teachers representing 16 school districts from around the St. Louis region joined us for our annual Voyage of Learning Teachers' Academy (VOLTA). This program invites teachers to Forest Park as a way to encourage them to bring experiential learning to their classrooms. Designed to be useful to teachers across disciplines, this year's Voyagers teach subjects including science, math, health, Spanish, business, language arts, gifted programs and early childhood education.

Click through the slideshow below to see a few highlights from this eight-day program in Forest Park.

During the program's closing luncheon, we heard several comments from Voyagers that really demonstrate the impact this experience can have on participants:

  • "So many of us feel locked into our building, our curricula.... This has really given me a reboot." 
  • "This program allows me to take what my kids are already learning and make it bigger." 
  • "By tapping into the resources of the Forest Park community, we now feel part of this community." 
  • "I'll never look at soil the same way again. (And I'll never call it 'dirt.')"
  • "Such an interdisciplinary experience." 
  • "Empowering."
  • "I now feel equipped. I had the opportunity to put into practice what I've learned, so that when I return to my kids, I'll be ready." 
  • "Every day, there was someone new teaching us something new." 
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