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Secrets of the East Side: Full Circle Healing Garden

Not far from the beautiful grove of Magnolia trees we focused on in a previous blog post, you can find the Full Circle Healing Garden.

The Full Circle Healing Garden was established in 2001 and is a 6000-square foot space located just east of the Steinberg Skating Rink parking lot. But this is no ordinary garden. Formerly turfgrass, this area is now truer to its roots with around 25 species of plants native to Missouri. The idea for the Healing Garden originated with Gary Skolnick (a Senior Statistical Data Analyst at Washington University School of Medicine), who witnessed the vibrancy of places like the Kennedy Savanna (on the west side of Forest Park) and was inspired to make a change. 

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Restoring a Natural Icon With the Help of Americorps' St. Louis Emergency Response Team

Forest Park's John F. Kennedy Memorial Forest is a unique example of forest habitat that sits in the center of a city environment. Sections of Kennedy Forest are old-growth, dating back to well before the outer limits of the city of St. Louis even made it to the land on which Forest Park now sits. The Kennedy Forest Restoration Project, made possible by a lead gift from the Mysun Charitable Foundation, is an ambitious one-year restoration plan focused on revitalizing a 10-acre portion of the forest. The project is led by Forest Park Forever, in partnership with the City of St. Louis and with considerable help from Americorps' St. Louis Emergency Response Team. 

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