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Birding Basics: Beginning to Diversify ID Skills through Size, Form, and Habitat with Marty Smigell

The bird guide tells you that the Downy Woodpecker is distinguished from the Hairy Woodpecker by its smaller size, but what IS the difference of 3 inches through binoculars? Many birds look alike to the untrained eye, but there are characteristics and tips to help you narrow the results down outside of the visual field markings. Marty Smigell from the St. Louis Audubon Society will present on starting to diversify your birding skills through size, form and habitat. With the aid of mounted birds, we'll learn how big birds really are, how the silhouette or form of a bird can help us easily identify it and how habitat can ease identification.

Birding Basics will be held in the Learning Lab in the Dennis & Judith Jones Visitor and Education Center. Due to the popularity of this series of classes, reservations are appreciated. RSVP to Jean at

Later Event: February 7
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