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★Forest Park Forever: "Birding Basics: Spring Migration in Forest Park with Randy Korotev"

Spring migration can be intimidating! A bunch of small, quick, and unusual birds that often exist in the upper portions of trees are erratically racing through the area. Luckily we have one of the best spring migrant traps in the St. Louis region in our very backyard, John F. Kennedy Memorial Forest, AND we have an opportunity to listen to one of the best resources for passerine migration in Kennedy Forest. With over 30 years of bird research or experience specific to our own Kennedy Forest, Randy Korotev will cover the basics of spring migration before then delving into firsthand stories and tips to experiencing migrating passerines in Forest park. Increase your odds of finding a warbler in the park this year!

Light refreshments will be provided. Due to the popularity of this series, reservations are very appreciated. RSVP to Jean at