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Boathouse: "Parisian-Inspired Romantic Valentine’s Dinner"


CALL US AT 314-367-2224 TO MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS! All over Paris and other areas in France there are restaurants that are l’entrecote restaurants – they serve only one main dish – you get a salad to start and steak frites. That’s it! But when you leave you know why they only serve one thing – because they do it SO WELL you wouldn’t want anything else! So, we are bringing a little bit of Paris to the Boathouse this year for Valentine’s Day…

*Choice of soup or house salad
*Steak frites with crab butter (marinated, grilled and sliced steak with crab butter) and pommes frites (skinny fries, fried crispy and tossed in parmesan, a touch of fresh garlic, and parsley)

$25.00 per person.

Specialty desserts $7.00 each.
Specialty cocktails $8.00 each.