Forest Park Forever's 30th Anniversary

October 2016 marked the 30th anniversary of Forest Park Forever's founding – here's how we celebrated.

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Artist in Residence Program

A special initiative in honor of our 30th anniversary, the Forest Park Forever Artist in Residence Program invited three artists to create new work in and inspired by Forest Park. The three artists, who were selected by a jury of local arts leaders, came to the program from different artistic backgrounds and created wildly different work – effectively showcasing the wide-ranging inspiration that can be found in Forest Park.

WORK/PLAY completed their residency in May, working closely with our Land Management team to collect discarded botanicals, which were then used to create natural dyes. The husband-and-wife duo of Kevin and Danielle McCoy then designed a quilt based on a topographical view of Forest Park that they dyed and sewed together off-site. The artists celebrated the end of their residency and their finished product at a closing reception on June 30. 

The 442s worked on-site throughout June to create an audio-visual project titled the Forest Park Forever Suite. The individual members of the band, including Adam Maness, Bjorn Ranheim, Syd Rodway, Shawn Weil, along with frequent collaborator Montez Coleman, led pop-ups around the Park with an empty piano for passersby to play. The resulting music, as well as video capturing each participant, was turned into a new composition that debuted at a closing concert on September 29. 

Madeline Marak's project, titled Framing the Land, took a hands-on approach to spotlighting an often overlooked section of the Park during the month of September. Popping up in the Park's northeast corner (roughly between West Pine Blvd., Grand Drive & the MetroLink line), Marak's installation consisted of simple metal frames covered in reflective tape that Park visitors were invited to pick up and place somewhere in the landscape. This simple act served as a way of allowing visitors to experience and see this area more clearly by forcing them to really look at the space around them. On September 24, Marak invited the public to experience the installation in its final state at a picnic featuring living music from Mt. Thelonious.

#FPF30 Social Media Campaign


Every day during the month of October, we shared a different milestone from our first 30 years. You can find a complete photo gallery of these highlights on Facebook!

Wonderland Tea Party


This year's installment of our annual family-friendly event featured a birthday party theme in honor of our organization's 30th anniversary.