Support the restoration of a vernal pond in Kennedy Forest and honor the legacy of a man whose work with the Kennedy Woods Advisory Group (KWAG) helped make this natural area better every year.

Ken Cohen, an original member of KWAG, played a major role in creating a vernal pond back in 2005. The vernal pond was meant to seasonally fill with water and act as a watering hole for bird habitats, but the original pond has since failed. The current effort to restore the retention capabilities of the pond and to revitalize the vegetation and upstream bank stabilization is something Ken was extremely passionate about. Before Ken's recent passing, members of the Forest Park Forever Nature Reserve team had been working with Ken and KWAG members to help get this site back to operational. 

In honor of Ken, we would like to encourage you to support his efforts to restore Kennedy Forest's vernal pond.

A donation in any amount will be extremely appreciated. Thank you for your support.

It could be a truly unique place: a place where people could come, sit, enjoy nature, reflect, forget pressure and anxiety for a while, and let their imaginations soar; where water would flow and be a source of life for all the creatures that live in the woods. It would be a tranquil oasis within the woods, within the park, within the borders of bricks and concrete.
— Ken Cohen

In the event that there are not sufficient funds to carry out this project, gifts will be used to restore and maintain Kennedy Savanna and Kennedy Forest.