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2014 KMOV Special on Forest Park and Forest Park Forever: This 30-minute special ran on KMOV on Tuesday, December 9, 2014. Hosted by Forest Park fan and supporter Jasmine Huda, the show will highlight a range of Park users, including: - "The Legends of Forest Park" running group - Amateur naturalist Mark H. X. Glenshaw and his Owl Prowl - A professional photographer who uses Forest Park for portraits - A family with young kids who are proud to be Park users and supporters Special on KMOV-TV. © 2014 Meredith Corporation & KMOV St. Louis. All Rights Reserved.

The Magic of Forest Park — and the Role of Forest Park Forever (2014): We are thrilled to share a brand new video we made about the essential role Forest Park plays in the lives of St. Louisans — and the impact our members, donors, volunteers and partners have on ensuring the Park's legacy for future generations. Thanks to the City of St. Louis for such a remarkable partnership — and thanks to you for being part of the Park's legacy!

The 2013 Primetime KMOV Special: In December 2013, KMOV Channel 4 aired this primetime special about Forest Park and Forest Park Forever. We share it here with their permission. The phone number and membership offer information mentioned in the video will remain available through the end of 2013. Learn more about Forest Park Forever — and become a member today — at

Grand Reopening of the St. Louis Mounted Police Horse Stables: In October 2013, Forest Park Forever hosted an event for its Leffingwell Society members to officially reopen the Horse Stables, a project funded through an anonymous donation to Forest Park Forever. Here, FPF President and Executive Director Lesley Hoffarth opens the evening's remarks.

Short Fly-by Near Post Dispatch Lake: Shared with permission from KMOV Channel 4

A profile of Forest Park Forever, 2013.

50,000 Days in Forest Park: A celebratory promotional video, made in 2013, marking the 50,000th day since Forest Park opened.

Forest Park Forever Summer Youth Experience: This program allows 7- and 8-year-olds from Boys & Girls Clubs to become involved with the outdoors and nature around Forest Park. This three-week program helps children become integrated with the many things Forest Park has to offer for children. Learn more about FPF at