FPF Volunteer Spotlight: Land Management - Horticulture Volunteers

Left to right: Larry Quick, Mike Berni, Mike Normile and John Lauth

Left to right: Larry Quick, Mike Berni, Mike Normile and John Lauth

Note: During National Volunteer Week, we are shining a daily spotlight on just a few of our wonderful volunteers. Forest Park Forever’s volunteer & visitor services programs are generously supported by the E. Reuben & Gladys Flora Grant Charitable Trust, Trio Foundation and the Saint Louis Service Bureau Foundation. In 2013, Forest Park benefited from 1,180 volunteers who provided 11,868 hours of service and stewardship.

Forest Park Forever continues National Volunteer Week with a highlight of our dedicated Land Management - Horticulture Volunteers.

Larry, Mike B., Mike N. and Tim Gannon (not pictured) volunteer with FPF Horticulturist Mark Halpin in the Murphy Lake/Steinberg Zone every Thursday morning. John works with FPF Horticulturist Bill Mills in the Art Hill/Park in Motion Zone once a week. Combined, these volunteers have more than 18 years of experience taking care of the Park.

"In a park this size and with the high standards we strive for, I simply could not do my job without my volunteers," Mark says. "Their hard work and generosity is what keeps Forest Park looking so beautiful. They are co-workers, friends and an invaluable part of the organization. Thanks to all of them!” 

 Earlier today, Larry, Mike B., Mike M. and John helped FPF staffers mulch the crabapple beds near the Jewish Tercentenary Memorial. During 2013, 34 Land Management Volunteers donated more than 2,000 hours to Forest Park at a value of $45,000 in donated time.

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