The Forest Park Forever team is packed with passionate individuals who love this special park and bring valuable expertise across a range of areas, from horticulture and fundraising to communications, capital project management and beyond. In addition to this staff directory, you may be interested in pages for our Leadership Team, Land Management team and Board of Directors



The Development team oversees memberships, tributes, corporate and foundation giving, capital campaigns and special events for the organization.

John O'Gorman, Senior Vice President, Development | 314.561.3442

Megan Crain, Manager of Individual Giving | 314.571.6065

Liz Deken, Events Manager | 314.561.3445

Erin Eisenhard, Annual Giving Manager | 314.561.3451

Alexi Etges, Director of Development, Annual Giving | 314.561.3450

Lesley Joplin, Development Associate | 314.561.3289

Faith Maddy, Vice President, Development & Campaigns | 314.561.3447

Amy Mangner, Manager of Corporate & Foundation Giving | 314.561.3296

Amelia Neely, Data Manager | 314.367.7275


Forest Park Forever's educational efforts reach youth and adults through a variety of meaningful programs.

Theresa Coble, E. Desmod Lee Endowed Professor of Experiential and Family Education

Ellie Stevens, Education Coordinator | 314.561.3287


This team oversees the organization's financial matters and human resources.

Tamara Sheffield, Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration | 314.561.3297

Susan Hagen, Controller | 314.561.3291

Tom Hunter, CPA, Accountant | 314.561.3446

Katie Nelson, Receptionist | 314.561.3282

Patrick Tyburski, Human Resources Assistant | 314.561.3444 


This team helps tell the Forest Park Forever story to the community at large. Get in touch with Katy below for questions about branding, media inquiries, our websites, social media channels, community presentations and more.

Stephen Schenkenberg, Strategic Communications Director | 314.561.3448

Calla Massman, Graphic Designer | 314.561.3449

Katy Peace, Marketing & Digital Media Manager | 314.561.3290


Frank Kartmann, Senior Vice President, Operations | 314.571.6066


Land Management Division

The Land Management team works closely with our partners at the City of St. Louis to take care of the grounds of Forest Park, from the wilds of the forests to Art Hill and beyond. For individual bios and a detailed map of the zones in which our team works, please click here.

Tony Boudreau, Horticulture Apprentice

Chris Deason, Land Management Administrative Assistant | 314.932.5950

Shawnell Faber, Director of Land Management | 314.932.5950 

Roman Fox, Horticulture Superintendent

Gretchen Garcia, Gardener

Patrick Greenwald, Horticulturist

Billy Haag, Nature Works Field Coordinator

Eric Hazley, Gardener

Catherine Hu, Nature Reserve Steward

Paul Lewis, Nature Reserve Technician

Jaimie Liebman, Horticulturist

Amy Miller, Gardener

Jake Nelson, Gardener

Mike Renner, Gardener

Hilary Sears, Horticulturist

Theo Smith, Nature Reserve Technician

Ben Thomas, Gardener

Susan Van de Riet, Horticulture Apprentice

Jim Wagner, Horticulturist

Josh Wibbenmeyer, Nature Reserve Steward

Nancy Willis, Gardener

Amy Witt, Park Ecologist


Park Planning & Projects Division


The Park Planning & Projects team oversees capital improvement projects and hardscape maintenance throughout the Park.

Steve Burkhardt, Facility Manager | 314.561.3288

David Lenczycki, P.E., Director of Planning & Projects | 314.571.6067


To learn more about our President & Executive Director and her leadership team, click here.

Lesley S. Hoffarth, P.E., President & Executive Director

Heidi Dowgwillo, Executive Assistant | 314.571.6064


Interested in one of these three important areas? Contact Anne below.

Anne Grossmann, Volunteer, Visitor Services & Community Relations Manager | 314.561.3286