Aerating Art Hill After the Crowds (and Before)

Forest Park Forever is always pleased to play a part in Park events, such as stl250's Burnin' Love. We are equally passionate, of course, about making sure the Park stays beautiful after these events are enjoyed by many thousands of visitors. 

In the above photos, you can see FPF's 'Art Hill' Bill Mills demoing a Hydraulic Stand-On Aerator on the area that bears his name. We're testing out this machine's ability to repair damage done to the turf from the heavy traffic during Burnin’ Love, which took place at the top and bottom of Art Hill. The aerator pulls out “plugs” of dirt allowing the compacted dirt to loosen up again, aiding in the health of the turf. Our team is also re-seeding the turf to get back some of those grasses. The plugs help with this process as well, because they eventually break down and the roots will re-establish in the area.

With Fair Saint Louis right around the corner, we're working hard to ensure that everyone has a wonderful Forest Park experience.