Artist in Residence Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Since we announced the Forest Park Forever Artist in Residence Program earlier this month, many interested artists have gotten in touch with a variety of questions as they prepare their proposals. We thought we'd share a few of the answers to some of the questions we've heard most frequently.


Do I really need to submit a resume?
Yes. The reason we ask for a formal resume or CV is because it helps paint a more complete picture of your experience as a working artist. A document which demonstrates your abilities (through education, exhibitions, internships, performances, public art, etc.) will help our jury make a more informed decision.

Can teams or groups of artists apply?
Yes! Collectives or other artistic partnerships are more than welcome to apply for a residency. Please note that the stipend will remain the same regardless of how many artists are involved in a particular proposal. Team members may submit individual resumes, but please submit a single artist statement.

Is this residency open to actors, playwrights or performance artists?
Yes! Our goal with this program is to provide an opportunity for artists of all disciplines. If spending time in Forest Park, exploring its grounds and learning from the talented horticulturists and gardeners who manage it is something that could benefit your practice, then we want to hear from you. 

Do artists need to have their project/physical artwork complete during the 3 week residency?
This really depends on what each individual artist is proposing. The residency has intentionally been left open-ended to accommodate artists whose typical work can't be completed in such a short window. The proposal should take into account the timeframe, how artists plan on utilizing their access to the Park and the experts who manage it and how that opportunity fits into their practice. If the work they do during their residency results in some kind of completed project down the line, that would be great. If they complete something during the three weeks, that's also great. If their proposal doesn't include any kind of physical object being completed, that's okay too as long as their proposal makes sense in terms of other output (like public programming).

Can a closing event take place off-site, or does it need to happen in the Park?
This will also depend on each individual artist's proposal and what makes the most sense for them. Final decisions can be made through discussions between the selected artists and Forest Park Forever.

Is there a set exhibition space?
There is not a set gallery space, but artists are encouraged to propose sites in their write-up. The Visitor Center could be a likely option. If an artist would like to host an exhibition as their closing event, Forest Park Forever will work with them to make this happen. 

When do flowers bloom in the Park?
Flower blooms will come and go throughout the growing season, starting as early as March and going through October. There tends to be a few peak times throughout that period, usually around April and again around June. These fluxes in color and bloom are quite dependent on weather each year, but these are the general trends.

Can I work in the Nature Reserve/Install temporary work in the natural environment?
Yes, but flexibility is key. If a proposal involves interacting with the natural environment in some way, decisions will be made on a case by case basis through conversations between the artist and Forest Park Forever staff. We want to make sure to be respectful of all other parties that might be impacted – communicating with our Park partners, our City of St. Louis partners and our horticulture staff will help us make the most informed decision about how to move forward.

Do you have a question about the AIR program not answered here? Feel free to get in touch!

We will be accepting proposals for the Forest Park Forever Artist in Residence Program through March 25. Apply today!