The Forest Park Forever Artist in Residence Program Featured on HEC-TV

HEC-TV recently stopped by Forest Park to learn a little bit more about the Forest Park Forever Artist in Residence Program. Our first resident artists, Danielle and Kevin McCoy of WORK/PLAY, had just begun their three-week residency and talked a bit about the project they are working on.

Danielle and Kevin are working very closely with the Forest Park Forever Land Management team to collect discarded botanicals to create natural dyes. They are finding new ways to use plant matter that they've found in our compost piles and salvage material that would otherwise end up there (for example, the beautiful tulip displays around the Park were coming to an end and the few remaining petals were perfect for Danielle and Kevin's project). Everything that Danielle and Kevin are collecting in the Park has been approved by our horticulture foreman and park ecologist. Nothing is being removed that otherwise wouldn't be; rather, Danielle and Kevin are giving a second life to plants through their innovative project.

We look forward to welcoming our next artists in residence —The 442s — in June, and our third and final artist — Madeline Marak — in September!

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