iPhone Users: Get Your Alerts & Set Your Alarms With the Sounds of Forest Park!

This screenshot shows the item listing for one of the ringtones in the iTunes store.

Back in June, we launched Listenforestpark.org, a new microsite that allows people to immerse themselves in the sounds of Forest Park no matter where they are in the world. We partnered with local company Hugmonster Sound to bring the project to life — and while we were at it, we thought we'd add a little something extra.

As a companion piece for Listen Forest Park, we isolated four discreet birdcalls captured in different areas of the Park to create unique ringtones.

Whether you are an expert birder or someone who just wants a more pleasant sound to wake up to (sorry, Marimba), these ringtones can bring a little bit of joy to your day every time you hear them. Currently, the ringtones are only available for iPhone users, but we will be working on making them available for Android devices in the future. Half of each $1.29 purchase comes back to Forest Park Forever to support our efforts to restore, maintain and sustain Forest Park.

Hugmonster Sound also wrote up a blog post introducing this project, which you can read here: "Ringtones for Forest Park Forever."

To download any or all of the ringtones, search "Forest Park Forever" in the iTunes store from your mobile device, or click on the following links from your iPhone for the individual listings:

Once downloaded, the tones can be set to your default ringtone or assigned to a particular contact. The files will automatically be saved to your "Sounds" folder so you can decide how to use them whenever you want!

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