The Forest Park Trolley Returns for 2017!

Starting this weekend, getting around Forest Park will be even easier. The Metro Forest Park Trolley returns for the season on Saturday, April 15 and will run daily 9:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. through September 4. 

Forest Park welcomes 13 million visitors every year – and whether they've come from thousands of miles away or just across the highway, we want to make their time in the Park as enjoyable as possible. During busy summer months, the Trolley helps alleviate traffic congestion by providing an alternative to driving for people who want to visit several Park destinations. 

This year, the Trolley's route has been split in two – allowing visitors to get to where they are going faster while avoiding potential road closures caused by improvement projects or events like 5K runs and walks. Both routes begin and end at the Forest Park Debaliviere MetroLink station. The blue route serves the western side of the Park, with stops at the World’s Fair Pavilion, Saint Louis Zoo, Saint Louis Art Museum and Emerson Grand Basin. The green route serves the eastern side of Forest Park, with stops at the Jewel Box and the Saint Louis Science Center's Planetarium. Both trolley routes make stops at the Missouri History Museum, Dennis & Judith Jones Visitor and Education Center, The Muny and Boathouse. 

For $2 (or $1 for children, seniors and disabled individuals), Trolley riders have unlimited on and off privileges all day for both routes. Trolley tickets can be purchased on the trolley (with cash, using exact change), at the Forest Park Visitor Center, at the Science Center Planetarium Ticket Station or at the MetroStore located downtown at 7th and Washington.

The return of the Trolley has already received some attention thanks to Fox 2 and The St. Louis Business Journal.

If you're spending time in the Park over the coming months, we hope you'll take advantage of the Forest Park Trolley!

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