Now & Forever, Home Is Where the Park Is

From the ranch houses of Des Peres to the mid-century-modern gems of Crestwood to shotgun houses on the Hill and flats in the Ville. From Central West End mansions to Southampton bungalows and from downtown lofts to midtown condos – everyone needs a home, and Home Is Where the Park Is!


Meet Forest Park Forever, a central caretaker for everyone’s favorite home away from home . . . Forest Park.

Each year, the nonprofit conservancy Forest Park Forever strategically spends millions of dollars each year to restore, maintain and sustain Forest Park in partnership with the City of St. Louis.

With the support of our generous donors and hard-working volunteers, we:

  • Maintain the Park’s landscapes and hardscapes in partnership with the City

  • Raise funds for and help manage millions of dollars in capital restoration projects

  • Provide information and guides for the Park’s 13 million annual visitors from around the world

  • Deliver dozens of experiential educational opportunities to teachers, students and adults

When you join Forest Park Forever, you become a part of making sure the 13 million visitors, from all over the world, find their home in Forest Park.

You’ll know you’ve arrived when you come through one of our front doors — the thoughtfully landscaped displays of thousands of plants and dozens of species at the roundabout entrance of the World’s Fair Pavilion or the Dennis & Judith Jones Visitor and Education Center.

Then, make your way to the Park’s many combined living/dining/kitchen spaces, like Art Hill or the World’s Fair Pavilion’s sloping lawn and water displays. Talk about an open concept!

Forest Park even has a backyard for everyone, from those who crave the structure offered by the newly restored Emerson Central Fields or racquetball courts to people who’d rather free-form it with a ball or a Frisbee on one of the Park’s many open fields.

Got kids? Forest Park delivers a backyard like no other . . . and Forest Park Forever donors recently funded the 17-acre Nature Playscape being created in the heart of the Park. Opening next year, the immersive destination will feature a rock scramble, bubbling water, a mulch labyrinth and more.

Of course, every home needs a place to hide away, and Forest Park is full of them. From the Hidden Creek Savannah to the Boardwalk in the Kennedy Forest, Forest Park Forever lovingly conserves and maintains them all as part of the 170-acre Nature Reserve.

Forest Park Forever even helps take care of the Park’s “bones,” the parts visitors don’t see but benefit from daily — the 19 underground pumps that keep the water flowing and babbling throughout the Park.

We hope you enjoy learning all about Forest Park Forever during our special “Now & Forever” awareness campaign. In fact, if you see a pop-up sign in the Park, snap a photo of it (add it to social media) for your chance to win one of these books!

We hope that you will join us in helping sustain Forest Park as a home for everyone . . . Now & Forever!

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