Your 2019 Forest Park Fall Guide

Trees are critical to Forest Park for many reasons.  They are important in temperature moderation, they are essential to reduction in wind and water erosion, they provide critical habitat to many organisms, and are the aesthetic centerpiece of most of the Park’s landscape vistas
— Roman Fox, Forest Park Forever Horticulture Superintendent

Temperatures are finally starting to cool off. Which means it is time to plan your Forest Park fall foliage in the Park walking tour. Last year’s colors were incredible, see photos below.

Did you know there are over 45,000 trees in Forest Park. Forest Park Forever, in partnership with the City of St. Louis, continues to plant new trees each year, because Home Is Where the Park Is.

When will the leaves in the Park start to change colors?

The Smoky Mountain National Park published a map on the best times to view fall foliage in the United States. According to the interactive tool, the colors will be turning a little later this year, Forest Park Forever’s Horticulture Superintendent Roman Fox agrees. He explains, “The warmer day and night temperatures we are currently experiencing will delay color change in most deciduous trees.”

The peak day to view fall foliage this year in the St. Louis region is November 13. Follow Forest Park Forever’s Twitter and Instagram Stories for updates on fall foliage in the Park.

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