Herbicide Application

Non-native invasive plants are one of the primary threats facing our native landscapes within Forest Park. In conjunction with other management strategies, herbicides are sometimes used to facilitate restoration of native plants communities. They are used when and where other means of vegetation control are inefficient or less effective. While the use of chemical herbicides is not the preferred vegetation management method for land stewards, it is recognized that the use of herbicides are essential to successful restoration projects. 

We often think of herbicides as a necessary evil. In order to successfully establish a native vegetation matrix within a former lawn area, it is first essential to kill any of the very aggressive and invasive turf grasses. When herbicides are used for restoration and management of Forest Park Nature Reserves, every effort is made to minimize impacts to surrounding vegetation and other landscapes. When used properly, herbicides can be a useful, efficient and cost-effective tool for land managers. All Forest Park Forever staff are certified pesticide applicators through the Missouri Department of Agriculture. When using herbicides, the safety of our staff, our volunteers, park visitors, and the environment, is of utmost importance.