Forest Park East Waterways Project

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Background: Over the past 20 years, the lakes and streams within Forest Park have been linked together and transformed into connected waterways. This effort, as envisioned by the Forest Park Master Plan and developed through the River Returns Schematic Design Plans, has reshaped the way we interact with water in Forest Park. 

Current Project: The Forest Park East Waterways improvement project is the final phase of the long-term Connected Waterway project in Forest Park. Goals of this thoughtful and exciting project include:

  • Completing the linkage of the Park’s waterway system
  • Enhancing fishing habitat and access
  • Improving water quality
  • Improving stormwater management
  • Increasing biodiversity
  • Providing opportunities for passive recreation
  • Improving/updating Park infrastructure

Opportunities for Public Input: The design team — led by SWT Design, a St. Louis-based landscape architecture firm, Forest Park Forever and the City of St. Louis's Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry — is in the early stages of designing this project. Ideas being considered include a stream connection between Jefferson Lake and the existing waterway, a cascade at Jefferson Lake’s south edge, native meadow and aquatic plantings, and boardwalks on Jefferson and Bowl Lakes. 

We are seeking the community's input on initial design concepts and welcome your feedback and ideas. Upcoming opportunities are:  

Whether you were able to attend these offerings or not, if you would like to share questions or comments about this project, please use the form below to send a message to the project team:

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