Director's Note: How Your Dollars Keep the Emerson Grand Basin So Grand

To say the Emerson Grand Basin is one of our community’s most popular destinations might be an understatement. It is the backdrop to millions of photographs and the centerpiece to some of the region’s greatest celebrations. And every day, visitors come here to enjoy a book, a view or a conversation.  

As you know, Forest Park Forever and the City beautifully restored the Grand Basin in 2003, following years of neglect and deterioration. Does that mean it no longer needs significant care? 

No! It has been more than a decade since the original restoration work was complete, and this landmark needs ongoing upkeep to keep it safe and beautiful for visitors next year, next decade and next century.  

To this end, Forest Park Forever recently completed more than $100,000 in critical Grand Basin maintenance — power-washing and re-caulking the walls, repairing lights and fountains, sealing railings and more. 

Like many behind-the-scenes maintenance projects we complete (resurfacing the Wonderland Variety Playground is another recent example), this Grand Basin work perfectly illustrates the importance of membership dollars and the Forest Park Forever endowment. 

The next time you visit the Grand Basin, I hope you will take pride in knowing that your support is keeping it beautiful.