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Winter on Government Hill: Behind the Scenes with FPF Horticulturist Crystal Camp

On a recent Friday morning, Crystal Camp stretched her hand toward Government Hill to show me her outdoor office. She stood inside the freshly repainted World’s Fair Pavilion in thickly-lined, camel-colored bib overalls, hardy work boots, a fleece pullover and a knit Forest Park Forever cap. Camp’s zone spans nearly 40 acres of Forest Park, and she’s worked for ...

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Shoving Off From the Boathouse: My Paddleboat Adventure in Forest Park

Good things come to those who work.

In the 1860s and 70s, the Missouri Legislature tried and failed twice to establish what is now Forest Park. But after years of hard work, the Park became a reality in 1876.

One of the Park’s most popular attractions — the lake where the Boathouse stands — was the product of hard work, as well.

Leading up to Forest Park’s founding, the lake was largely swampland....

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Cycling Through History: Forest Park, As Seen Through a City Cycling Tour

This past July, thousands of people sat on the gorgeous green lawn of Art Hill to celebrate Fair Saint Louis and Independence Day, watching as fireworks exploded in the sky above the Emerson Grand Basin. I was one of the thousands mesmerized that night. And it amazes me to think that, just ten years ago, that beautiful Grand Basin was nothing more than a dilapidated shadow of what it is today....

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A Walk through “Impressionist France: Visions of a Nation from Le Gray to Monet”

Just in time for the 250th anniversary of St. Louis’ founding as a French city, 120 French paintings and photographs from 37 institutions around America and Europe now line the walls of the Saint Louis Art Museum’s (SLAM) East Building. Impressionist France: Visions of a Nation from Le Gray to Monet is the first exhibition to visit the museum’s East Building since its opening last June....

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