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Visitor View: When Daily Life Took an Unexpected Turn, I Found a New Routine — and More — in Forest Park

If you’re a bit like me you take comfort in a nice, regular sense of routine. Maybe also like me, you might even be a bit of a “homebody” who enjoys a bit of predictability week-in and week-out. 

Take a couple of years ago for example. Weekdays I’d get up and have my 1.5 cups of coffee, leave the house exactly 7:40 am, and drive to work listening to the same sports talk station. Work was generally predictable, along with lunch and what time I typically ate it. I’d end the work day the same time each evening and then drive home listening to NPR. Once home, I’d immediately change right into my shorts and running shoes and set out from my house in Dogtown north three blocks and into Forest Park....

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