2016: The Year in Review

2016 was a great year in Forest Park. In fact, there were so many highlights that we decided to build a microsite to share them with you. 

At Forestparkforever2016.org, we've collected some of the most exciting details from the past year — covering topics like repairs and improvement projects, events and special programs, education and digital initiatives.


2016 was both the 140th birthday of Forest Park and the 30th anniversary of Forest Park Forever's founding. It was also the year of our largest group of volunteers, the year two national publications named Forest Park the best city park in the country and the year the City of St. Louis and Forest Park Forever moved forward on important improvement projects like repairing Government & Wells Drives. It was a busy year, but we are proud of all the work we were able to accomplish alongside our City of St. Louis partners. Visit Forestparkforever2016.org to read about even more of what we were up to in 2016, and to see a list of those individuals, corporations and foundations whose generous gifts made our possible.

Thank you for helping make every year a great year in Forest Park!

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