One-Way Traffic Coming to Roads Around the Zoo

In order to alleviate traffic congestion around the Saint Louis Zoo during the busy spring months, two sections of road will be one-way beginning Thursday, February 23. This altered traffic flow will remain for the duration of the Government and Wells Construction project.

Wells Drive will be one-way west-bound just west of the Zoo’s South Lot exit to Tamm Avenue. Tamm Avenue will be one-way south-bound to Oakland Avenue, allowing both a left and right queue onto Oakland Avenue.

Developed in coordination with MODOT, this one-way traffic pattern will:

  • Facilitate moving vehicles out of Forest Park and to the Zoo’s off-site parking lots at Oakland/Berthold when the South Lot is full
  • Allow for the far-right lane of Wells Drive to be utilized for bus drop off/staging/pick up during the busy spring school field trip season
  • Reduce the number of times I-64 ramps at Hampton need to close due to backups

Wells Drive will remain two-way between the Zoo’s South Lot Exit and Hampton Avenue to facilitate departure of vehicles out the Park at Hampton Avenue. This new traffic flow is designed to make the visitor experience better by alleviating potential traffic jams, allowing guests to get wherever they're going more more easily. We appreciate everyone's patience while this change is implemented.

Visitors, AnnouncementsKaty Peace