Five Off-the-Beaten-Path Picnic Spots in Forest Park

Did you know July is National Picnic Month?

There are so many magical places to enjoy a serene picnic in Forest Park. Perhaps some of you know about the popular places to picnic such as Art Hill, the Emerson Grand Basin and the dedicated picnic areas. However, let us take you on a journey of the places less explored by the Park’s millions of visitors. With 1,300 acres to explore, there are plenty of places to get lost in the 6th largest urban park in the United States. Are you ready to go off the Forest Park beaten path?

1.  Round Lake 

The view from this bench says it all. Set up a blanket along the lake, or take a seat on the bench for a majestic summer’s night picnic.

2. Pine Trees in John F. Kennedy Memorial Forest

It is easy to feel like you are in rural Missouri when exploring the John F. Kennedy Memorial Forest. Close to the recreational path, there is a section of pine trees in which the needles make a perfect bed for your next picnic. We recommend staying until dusk to watch the natural light show from our lightning bug friends.

3. North of the Boathouse


Have you ever wandered to the north side of Post-Dispatch Lake? There is a quaint spot with large boulders and small stones next to the waterway. This spot is more difficult to find. Find it easier by following this map.

4. Just East of the Jewel Box

Just east of the Jewel Box head east on the trail to this serene setting. Sit under the willow tree, listen to the birds and watch the insects hover over the lily pads. After your lovely picnic, take a look at the Korean War Memorial with sculptures and art from Robert F. Nast, James A. Naumann, Jr. and Mel Meyers.

5. Murphy Lake

Murphy Lake sits off the beaten path of the northeastern edge of Forest Park in between Lindell Blvd. and Forest Park Parkway. Make sure to park on Grand Drive close to the Forest Park Parkway overpass if you are coming by car.

We hope you enjoy checking out these under-visited picnic spots this summer and fall! When you do, consider snapping a photo and either tagging us @forestparkforever or sending it to We always love seeing and sharing photos of visitors enjoying Forest Park.