Shout-Outs to the Nature Works Program

Have you heard of Forest Park Forever’s Nature Works program? Nature Works is a collaborative workforce development and experiential education program aimed at teaching St. Louis-area high school students about conservation efforts and environmental job opportunities, while developing their knowledge and skills for the environmental job field. And in the process, these students complete valuable restoration work in Forest Park’s natural areas.

The summer program, which ends August 3, has recently been highlighted in two different publications:

1. St. Louis American
A feature on the benefits of the program that includes interviews with crew members Rickell Fletcher and Rashawn Jones, as well as Forest Park Forever Education Coordinator Ellie Stevens.

2. St. Louis Green Teen Alliance
Learn more about the students in a short blog post written by Billy Haag, Nature Works Field Coordinator at Forest Park Forever.

Congratulations to the Nature Works team on making such an incredible impact on the community and Forest Park.