Park Rules & FAQ

Who owns, operates and takes care of Forest Park?
Forest Park is owned and operated by the City of St. Louis. Forest Park Forever partners with the City of St. Louis to provide maintenance, operations, education, visitor services and capital project management for Forest Park. This public-private partnership is now a national model.

Does Forest Park have closing hours? 
Yes. The Park is closed from 10:00 p.m.-6:00 a.m.

Is the Park patrolled by security?
Yes. The Park is patrolled by the St. Louis Mounted Police and by Park Rangers.

Who do I contact about gaining a permit for an event?
This is the best page to start with. In general, for Forest Park permits, including weddings, picnic pavilions, Jewel Box and World's Fair Pavilion rentals, athletic field reservations and special events, you'll want to call the Parks Department at 314.289.5300.

Is fishing allowed in Forest Park?
Fishing is permitted in the lakes and lagoons in Forest Park, except where restrictions are posted. A valid Missouri fishing license is required. Fishing is not permitted in the Fish Hatchery, except through the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Is swimming allowed?
No, swimming is not allowed anywhere in Forest Park.

How about sledding?
Winter sledding is permitted (and greatly enjoyed) on Art Hill, unless restrictions are posted.

Can I bring my pet? 
Yes. Pets are required to be on leashes.

Is there a Lost & Found?
Items are occasionally returned to the Dennis & Judith Jones Visitor and Education Center. Please call us at 314.367.7275.


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